Tenant Improvement Services

Whether you are the owner or are a tenant, we can help you with your tenant improvements Sacramento projects.  Tenant projects can sometimes be small and easy, while others can be more involved. Regardless of your project size and complexity, we at Ducker Construction have the experience in building, constructing, renovating, remodelling, and upgrading to tackle your job effectively.  We are very responsive to our clients needs and will do everything we can to make your renovations a reality.

Our lead engineer has had many year’s experience in the field of construction and renovations. He is licensed to practice in the state of California, and his experience and expertise includes structural engineering design, and wood framing & timber projects.  One of his major strengths is “value engineering”. This means figuring out ways to complete your construction project in the most practical, and most cost effective way. Our goal, which is important to you and to us, is to keep costs low while still providing effective management of people and resources.  This leads to quality construction, prompt service, and customer satisfaction.

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if you live in the Sacramento area and are interested in tenant improvements, new constructions, upgrades, or remodelling, please give us a call.  We pride ourselves in excellent and responsive service.  We offer free estimates on tenant improvements Sacramento services, contact us online or call us at: (916) 459-6684.

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