Sacramento Design Services

At Ducker Construction, we believe that construction projects can be completed effectively and economically if you start with a good schematic design. It’s important to consider all aspects of the project and discuss areas of concern before we start breaking ground. We strongly believe in communicating with you, the owner, so we understand your vision. Most likely, some concepts are sound while others are not possible due to logistics, space limitations, or financial constraints.  For large projects, adjusting plans early in the game is recommended to avoid problems down the road.  Read more about our Sacramento design process.

  • CONCEPT DESIGN: The first order of business is to sit down with you and hear your ideas. We then make suggestions as to what can be done and what cannot. We discuss options and variations which you may not have thought of and we fine-tune the ideas so everyone is clear as to what needs to be done. During this process, we take into consideration your available budget and the time frame for completing the project.
  • PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT: Once we have a concept design, we begin the planning and development stage. We procure permits from the government and consult experts where needed. Any linger questions and areas of concern are resolved before construction begins. Having everything planned before we start helps us stay on budget and on target.
  • SCHEMATIC DESIGN: The above concepts and plans are formally placed on a schematic design. The details of the project are meticulously described on paper.  Materials, dimensions, and methods are critically analyzed by engineers and specialist to make sure everything is in order.  Once the schematic design is approved by the government, we begin construction! Tradesmen, craftsmen,  field supervisors, engineers, and other professionals are brought in to complete your project.

Please call us for further information regarding our Sacramento design process: (916) 459-6684 or click here to contact us online.

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