Ducker Construction: Your Sacramento Contractors of Choice

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, you should do some research about the Sacramento contractors available in your area. Ducker Construction have qualified Sacramento contractors who are licensed, experienced, and dedicated to providing excellent service.

1. We offer quality construction at reasonable prices
We provide the highest quality residential and commercial construction. Whether it is remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, or constructing a new building, we always work to deliver quality workmanship on time and in budget.

2. We do difficult projects
The topography and geology of Sacramento creates some tough construction problems. To name a few: unstable ground, lack of bedrock, hillsides, and underground springs. Our lead engineer has practical construction experience, his education, and his knowledge as a civil engineer, makes him especially qualified to perform even the most challenging jobs.  Call us about our services in Sacramento and surrounding areas.

3. We bring existing structures up to code

You may have some constructions that were made without the expertise of a profession and these structures may not comply to California building codes.  Ducker Construction can bring un-permitted construction up to code. We will inspect your existing structures and advise you where upgrades are necessary to bring your un-permitted construction up to code so it is compliant to city and county laws. We will communicate with the city to get the necessary documentation so you will never have to worry about it again in the future.

4. We provide estimates for properties that are for sale

Before a commercial building is sold, it may be inspected to determine if there are any inherent problems with the building and what repairs are needed. Ducker Construction can provide estimates for the cost of repairs. The estimates are valuable information for sale price negotiation. When the sale is complete, we can perform the recommended repairs as outlined in the estimate.

For more information about our the services provided by our Sacramento contractors, call Ducker Construction at: (916) 459-6684 or click here to contact us online.