Fort Myers Schematic Design

Ducker Construction begins every project with a detailed construction plan.  We discovered that projects are completed on time and within budget if we start with a well thought-out design  Before we start digging or demolishing, it’s important to analyze all aspects of the project and discuss ideas that are important to you. Communicating with you is crucial for understanding and implementing your vision.  Some concepts cannot be realized because of the size of your property or your budget.  It is especially important to have a construction design when dealing with large projects where many different craftsmen need to coordinate.  Read more about our Fort Myers schematic design process.

  • CONCEPT DESIGN: The first thing we do is meet with you and listen to your design concepts.  We evaluate the ideas and determine which can be done and which cannot.  When possible, we provide suggestions, variations, and alternatives to complete the picture.  Along the way, we keep a tally and make an effort to stay within your budget and time-frame.
  • PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT: Once we have a framework to work with, we begin the planning and development stage. We obtain the necessary government permits and speak with experts where needed. Any remaining questions or concerns are resolved in this stage of the construction design process. Having a clear plan before we start prevents problems down the road.
  • SCHEMATIC DESIGN: The above concepts and plans are formally placed on a schematic design. The blueprint includes materials, dimensions, and special instructions.  Once the schematic design receives government approval, we begin construction! Tradesmen, craftsmen, field supervisors, engineers, and other professionals are brought in to complete your project.

We look forward to working with you on your next project. Please call us for further information regarding our Fort Myers schematic design process: (786) 519-0769 or click here to contact us online.Fort Myers schematic Design