Bathroom Remodel Sacramento

For some people, the bathroom can be a very important personal space.  A place where you can shut the door and find peace.  To make your bathroom perfect, consider our bathroom remodel Sacramento services.  You may upgrade your bathroom it to a simple, modern, or ornate design. Ducker Construction can transform your bathroom into your ideal bathroom at an affordable price. We can even convert spare rooms into bathrooms.  Ducker Construction is skilled and experienced in this type of home remodeling and upgrades. We have years of experience in constructing beautiful bathrooms.

Creating Beautiful Bathrooms

The process of attaining a beautiful bathroom starts with our free consultation service.  Our lead engineer will meet with you to explore your ideas of a perfect bathroom. He will measure and analyze your current bathroom, taking note of the plumbing and electrical layout, and then he will give you a plan of action which includes the materials needed and the expected costs.

A customized bathroom design is prepared and if you agree to the proposed project, he will give you a price estimate that is fair and competitive. If needed, 3D compositions can be produced so you can see how the renovated bathroom is expected to appear after completion.

During construction, we make every effort to stay within budget and on time.  We will keep the space as clean as possible and try to minimize disruption of your everyday schedule.   For more information or to schedule bathroom remodeling Sacramento services, call (916) 459-6684 or click here to contact us online.

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