Building Design Process Sacramento

Here at Ducker Construction we believe that every construction project should begin with a thoroughly planned design process. Success is only possible when there is easy communication and defined expectations. It is important for clients to tell us what they want, and it is necessary for us to tell the client what is feasible given available space and finances. Read more about our building design process Sacramento, CA.

  • CONCEPT DESIGN: First we meet with you to understand the project you wish to have done. We listen to your concepts and define the work that needs to be done to accomplish your goals. We explore the options available to you given your budget, the time constraints, and the amount of space allotted for the project.
  • PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT: Once we have established the overall concept, we then go into planning and development.  For involved projects we will consult with experts to bring together a plan of action.  If more land is required, or if government approvals are needed, this would be the time to address these issues.    Every aspect must be accounted for and every question must be answered before we start construction.
  • SCHEMATIC DESIGN: Once planning is done, we proceed with schematic designs and architectural plans.  Details of the project are described and put on paper.  Expert engineers are used to ensure that the dimensions, materials, and methodologies are sound so that your construction project will be completed successfully and will withstand the test of time.  If necessary, design documents are presented to the city for approval.

Once the building design process is complete and approved, we go into production. Lead Engineers and the Field Superintendent will supervise the construction of your project.  Tradesmen, craftsmen, and other professionals are brought in to bring your project to life.  Please call us for further information regarding our building design process Sacramento, CA: (916) 459-6684 or click here to contact us online.

Building Design Process Sacramento
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